This Exercise Ball for Stability & Yoga of Professional Quality is ideal for home workouts with a solid, rubberized surface enabling you to perform a variety of balance and stability ball exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles. This Stability ball is perfect for use with yoga, pilates or for common strength and balance training. This Exercise Ball is perfect for both men and women, and available in 45 cm, 55cm, or 65cm diameters and made in color pink, blue, black, and more. Ideal for fitting all your other workout equipment! If you desire an ultra durable, professional quality, burst-resistant exercise ball, this Stability Ball is the ideal choice for you!

Benefits of the Exercise Ball for Stability & Yoga:

  • Perfect for growing your abdominals, core and back muscles
  • Construct from burst resistant, tough rubber, excellent for hard workouts
  • High grip, non-slip surface for safe control when performing weighted workout
  • Perfect for use with yoga, pilates, or for general strengthening and balance
  • Available in pink, blue, or black, and in diameters of 55cm or 65cm
  • Includes a quick inflation pump to inflate it in minutes with little effort
  • 100% Money back guarantee

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