The book Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry: Easy All-Natural Recipes for Healthy Eating in the Real World, is a complete cookbook with full-color photos of EVERY recipe. Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry blends the greatest of Hungry Girl with the best of clean eating and the food is still guilt-free, and the portions are however tremendous, but presently Lisa Lillien is highlighting CLEAN ingredients and remove all artificial and processed foods. This nutrition book gives mainstream America tasty, satisfying, and clean recipes, using healthy ingredients found in supermarkets wherever. The best part of this book? The recipes are so easy, anyone can make them from home!

Featuring Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry: 

  • 90 vegetarian recipes
  • 108 gluten-free recipes
  • 56 recipes in 30 minutes or less
  • 43 recipes with 5 ingredients or less
  • PB&J Waffles (203 calories)
  • BBQ Meatloaf (196 calories)
  • Hawaiian Shrimp Fried Rice with Pineapple (229 calories)
  • Fudgy Flourless Chocolate Cake (100 calories)

This book presents finally a real-world (and DELICIOUS) approach to clean eating!

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