The King Athletic 13-Inch 2-in-1 Foam Roller for Muscles Fitness Training Bundle with Carrying Case arrive with a BONUS carrying case permitting you to take it with you wherever you perform. This product contains a hollow core and soft foam roller of 13″ in length and 5″ in diameter making it movable and space saving. The Foam Rollers come with 3 different outside pattern designs, each generated a unique pressure types. This is the perfect foam roller for multi-level myofascial therapy, with this tool you decide your personal level of tension, take the soft roller for light pressure or the hollow roller for firm pressure. You can target various trigger point areas like lower and upper back, neck, hamstrings, delts, calves, ITB, quads, and chest.

✔ BEST PRACTICE – Best used before workouts to boost circulation and to discharges toxins from the muscles. Used after workouts for fast recuperation. Ideal for sports therapy, self-myofascial treatment, injury prevention and rehabilitation.
✔ GUARANTEED INVESTMENT – If there are any concerns with the merchandise, they will SEND YOU A BRAND NEW ONE and provide you a FULL REFUND!