So you want to workout at home and save time and money?

Here are resources to help you achieve your fitness goals, that you desire to lose weight of gain muscle mass, these tools will help you greatly.

Before digging into the awesome resources we know and trust, an important disclosure.


Canadian Protein LogoCanadian Protein

They are the best quality supplement that I found for the price. I use the “All Natural New Zealand Whey” it’ a completely natural product with no artificial flavours or sweeteners. For flavouring, they use the highest quality Stevia, that makes an excellent taste. That you come from Canada or USA, for all orders over $99 the shipping is absolutely free.



Chin-up barChin-up Bar

For working your back muscles at home you gonna need a chin-up bar. For sure you can do some back exercises with dumbbells but there is nothing like the good olds chin-up or pull-up. It’s very cheap and convenient, you can get this model for a small price and you just have to place it in a door frame when you are ready to workout.


Powerblock DumbellsPowerBlock Dumbbells

To maximize your space and money, the PowerBlock dumbells are a must in your own home gym. For the same space required by a regular dumbbell set, you have the equivalent of 20 dumbbells sets of different weight (2.5 to 50 pounds).  To buy the comparable in free weights, it’ll cost you more than $1000 (at 1$ per pound). With the PowerBlock Dumbbells you get your full range of free weights for way less money!


Powerstands - Fitness at homePowerStands

You can always do push-ups without push-up stands, but to increase your range of motion and enhances your push-up workouts without twisting your wrists or forearms, the PowerStands are a big win. These push-up stands are the really best quality. They are made by Tony Horton itself, they are a fundamental mostly if you are doing an intense workout like the P90X series.


Foam RollerFoam Roller

This gear does wonders. With the Foam Roller, you are using your own body weight to provide you a deep tissue massage. You’ll save a bunch of money on massages therapists. It helps to relieve muscle tension and increase muscle reflexology. For learning how to use it properly with each of your body parts, I suggest you achieve the recovery day in the P90X2 program.